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Ohio County, Kentucky, In The Olden Days On CD

Ohio County, Kentucky, In The Olden Days On CD

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Taylor, Harrison D., Ohio County, Kentucky, in the olden days : a series of old newspaper sketches of fragmentary history Louisville, Ky.: J.P. Morton & Co., 1926, 216 pgs. Contents Introduction I. Evidences of prehistoric people and early pioneers II. Old Vienna and Calhoun, Barnett's Station, and Hartford III. Indian depredations IV. How Stephen Statler came to Hartford V. First courts and courthouse VI. The War of 1812 VII. "Ralph Ringwood" VIII. Life in the olden days IX. Joseph Barnett and Ignatius Pigman, and their land troubles X. Early land titles XI. Forests and farms XII. The first hanging XIII. Some early merchants XIV. Some pioneer families XV. Religion of the pioneers XVI. Old-time schools XVII. Three early physicians XVIII. Ten well-known lawyers XIX. Slaves and slavery XX. Harrison D. Taylor's autobiographical notes XXI. History of the Taylor Family Non-Indexed Pages #1 Appendix. A: Act forming Ohio County in 1798 Appendix. B: Ohio County as recorded by Collins in 1847 and in 1877 Appendix. C: Captain John Howell, revolutionary soldier Appendix. D: Harrison D. Taylor-- A biographical sketch Appendix. E: Ohio County biographies published in 1885 Appendix. F: Ohio County marriage records, 1799 to 1840 Index

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