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Past And Present Of Mahaska County, Iowa On CD

Past And Present Of Mahaska County, Iowa On CD

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Hedge, Manoah, Past and present of Mahaska County, Iowa Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1906, 576 pgs. Chapter I. The first Iowa explorers and what they found Chapter II. First white settlers in Iowa Chapter III. Important land deals with the Indians Chapter IV. Some early Mahaska settlers Chapter V. Pioneer manner of life... Chapter VI. Claim associations... Chapter VII. Chief Mahaska, most noted chief of the Iowas Chapter VIII. Organization of Mahaska County Chapter IX. Personal Recollections and early reminiscences Chapter X. Early Oskaloosa... Chapter XI. Facts and incidents about Mahaska pioneers Chapter XII. Kish-Ke-Kosh, the Mahaska County chief, and his people Chapter XIII. Holland in Mahaska County Chapter XIV. The flood year--1851 Chapter XV. Mahaska County Mills... Chapter XVI. Recollections of pioneer days Chapter XVII. First schools and their teachers Chapter XVIII. Pioneer doctors Chapter XIX. History of Adams, black oak and Cedar townships Chapter XX. History of East Des Moines Township Chapter XXI. History of Garfield and Harrison townships Chapter XXII. History of Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison and Monroe townships Chapter XXIII. History of Pleasant Grove, Prairie and Richland townships Chapter XXIV. History of Scott, Spring Creek, Union, West Des Moines and White Oak townships Chapter XXV. Early Ox Roasts... Chapter XXVI. The war period... Chapter XXVII. The war period... Chapter XVIII. First things in Mahaska County... Chapter XXIX. Oskaloosa's cemeteries... Chapter XXX. Railroads of Mahaska County... Chapter XXXI. Origin, growth and history of our colleges Chapter XXXII. The county press... Chapter XXXIII. Oskaloosa fifty years ago and Oskaloosa today Chapter XXXIV. Two useful organizations. Mohaska County Farmers' Institute Chapter XXXV. Some Interesting facts gathered from the old county records Biographical Index

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