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Pioneer Stories Of Furnas County, Nebraska On CD

Pioneer Stories Of Furnas County, Nebraska On CD

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W E Crutcher Pioneer stories of Furnas County, Nebraska University Place, Neb.: Claflin Print. Co., 1914, 208 pgs. Chapter I. W. E. Crutcher Chapter II. J. H. McKee Chapter III. C. A. Danforth Chapter IV. Hubert Pettijean Chapter VI. Mrs. N. M. Ayers Chapter VII. Mrs. M. A. Freas Chapter IX. C. F. Wheeler Chapter X. Mrs. O. A. Harvey Chapter XI. John Keiser Chapter XII. Byron F. Whitney, Chapter XIII. Rufus Trowbridge Chapter XIV. William T. McGuire Chapter XV. I. S. Meyers Chapter XVI. Wood Rodents Chapter XVII. Mrs. John Harmon Chapter XVIII. Hubert Pettijean Chapter XIX. B. F. Goble Chapter XX. M. C. Perkins Chapter XXI. Frank Brouhard Chapter XXII. J. W. Turner Chapter XXIII. John T. Brown Chapter XXIV. Charles A. Clark Chapter XXV. M. N. Jenkins Chapter XXVI. L. B. McComb Chapter XXVII. Mrs. E. J. McDonald, Chapter XXVIII. Indian story. Mrs. McComb Chapter XXIX. Another early day settler takes his pen in hand Chapter XXX. Mrs. Philip French, Chapter XXXI. Mrs. W. H. Vining Chapter XXXII. Nat M. Ayers

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