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Pioneering In Southwest Texas : True Stories Of Early Day Experiences In Edwards On CD

Pioneering In Southwest Texas : True Stories Of Early Day Experiences In Edwards On CD

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Chapter I. Moving to Edwards Couny Chapter II. A dance at the Dolsen Ranch Chapter III. Finding and penning the wild horses Chapter IV. Selecting the county seat of Edwards County Chapter V. County seat changed to Rock Springs Chapter VI. The Devil's Sink Hole Chapter VII. Getting lost in Edwards County Chapter VIII. Experience with a rattlesnake Chapter IX. Activities of the Green Goods Men in Edwards County Chapter X. The first fence in Edwards County Chapter XI. A February blizzard Chapter XII. The first angora goats in Edwards County Chapter XIII. Behind the curtain Chapter XIV. Concho cattle drafting Non-Indexed Pages #2 Chapter XV. Wat Williams and his outlaw horse Chapter XVI. Wildcat's second performance Chapter XVII. A mean horse to shoe Chapter XVIII. Shooting a coyote Chapter XIX. Experience with bear in Edwards County Chapter XX. Notime for scratching Chapter XXI. Rainbows Chapter XXII. From open air to a prison cell Chapter XXIII. The Bible peddler Chapter XXIV. A boy in trouble Chapter XXV. My twin brother, John, killed by a wild horse Chapter XXVI. Fencing a pasture in Edwards County Chapter XXVII. Leaving Edwards County Chapter XXVIII. True incidents Chapter XXIX. Attempted train robbery at Coleman Junction Chapter XXX. Reports on attempted train robbery at Coleman Junction Chapter XXXI. My three sisters Chapter XXXII. My marriage in 1891 Chapter XXXIII. In the winter garden district Chapter XXXIV. A killing at Green Lake Chapter XXXV. Edwards County's first officers Chapter XXXVI. A big trail herd Chapter XXXVII. Trailing a herd to New Mexico Chapter XXXVIII. The last Indian raid


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