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Shasta County, California : A History On CD

Shasta County, California : A History On CD

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Giles, Rosena A. Shasta County, California : a history Oakland, Calif.: Biobooks, 1949, 325 pgs. Chapter I. The first California Constitutional Convention... Front matter Table of Contents Chapter II. During the Spanish occupation... Chapter III. Wilkes & Ringold, 1841 Chapter IV. Pierson Barton Reading's role in the drama of Northern California... Chapter V. Northern Califonia indians Chapter VI. Earliest Trails Chapter VII. The Gold rush, 1848-50 Chapter VIII. Shasta County staging Chapter IX. Early mail facilities on the Pacific coast Chapter X. Steamboating on the Upper Sacramento Chapter XI. Newspapers of Shasta County Chapter XII. Early schools and educational facilities Chapter XIII. Shasta County Chapter XIV. Fort Reading, 1852 Chapter XV. Law Chapter XVI. Manufacturing Chapter XVII. Rise and fall of the chinese immigrant in Shasta county Chapter XVIII. Fisheries Chapter XIX. Agriculture Chapter XX. Northern mines, Shasta county Chapter XXI. Greater than a metropolis Chapter XXII. Original plot of Redding City Chapter XXIII. Organizations in Shasta county Chapter XXIV. Fall River Valley Chapter XXV. Natural wonders of Shasta county Chapter XXVI. Early day mansions Chapter XXVII. Honorable mention

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