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Spotsylvania County Records, 1721-1800 On CD

Spotsylvania County Records, 1721-1800 On CD

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Anonymous Spotsylvania County records, 1721-1800 : being transcriptions, from the original files at the County Court House, of wills, deeds, administrators' and guardians' bonds, marriage licenses, and lists of Revolutionary pensioners Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1965, 583 pgs. Title page Contents Will book A. 1722-1749 Will book B. 1749-1759 Will book D. 1761-1772 Will book E. 1772-1798 Will book F. 1798-1800 Administration bonds Guardians bonds Marriage licenses Spotsylvania Co. Court Marriage Register Deed book A. 1722-1729 Deed book B. 1729-1734 Deed book C. 1734-1742 Deed book D. 1742-1751 Deed book E. 1751-1761 Deed book F. 1761-1766 Deed book G. 1766-1771 Deed book H. 1771-1774 Deed book J. 1774-1782 Deed book K. 1782-1785 Deed book L. 1785-1788 Deed book M. 1788-1791 Deed book N. 1791-1794 Deed book O. 1794-1797 Deed book P. 1797-1800 Sheriffs of Spotsylvania County Colonial Militia Revolutionary records Revolutionary pensioners Index

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