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Ten Thousand Plunketts Of Newberry County, South Carolina, on CD

Ten Thousand Plunketts Of Newberry County, South Carolina, on CD

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Ivy, Emma Plunkett, Ten thousand Plunketts : a partially documented record of the families of Charles Plunkett of Newberry County, South Carolina, and his brother Peter Plunkett of Old Barnwell District, South Carolina, and related families Atlanta, Ga.: Peachtree Letter Service, 1969, 550 pgs. Dedication to my parents Introduction and acknowledgements Part I: Chapter I: Background of the Plunkett Family Part I: Chapter II: Descendants of Charles Plunkett and Hannah Cleland : The Plunkett Line Part I: Chapter III: The family of Robert Plunkett (G II-1) Part I: Chapter IV: The family of Charles E. Plunkett and Sarah Evans (G II-5) Part I: Chapter V: The family of Rutha Ann Garrett Hendrix (G III-5) Part I: Chapter VI: Family of Ann Plunkett and James Cleland (G III-5) Part I: Chapter VIII: The family of William Plunkett (G III-10) Part I: Chapter IX: The family of Charles Plunkett and Mabel Jones (G III-9) Part I: Chapter X: The family of John D. Plunkett Part I: Chapter XI: The family of James Plunkett Part I: Chapter XIII: The family of John P. Plunkett (G-I) Part I: Chapter XIII: John Plunkett, proven progenitor of the Plunketts in Gwinnett County, Georgia Part II: Chapter XIV: The family of Peter Plunkett and Jane Galloway: Line II Part III: Chapter XV: Section A: The family of Sarah Mahalia Plunkett Almand of Elbert County, Georgia Part III: Chapter XVI: The family of Ellison Plunkett and Jane Stringer Part III: Chapter XVII: Miscellaneous information Part III: Chapter XVIII: Those who have served--Military Part III: Chapter XIX: The family album Non-Indexed Pages #1 Index of Plunkett names Index of related families Charts

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