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The Demarest Family On CD

The Demarest Family On CD

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Demarest, Voorhis David, The Demarest family : a record of the desMarets family in France, the Holy Land in the Crusades, again in France, Holland, the Palatinate (Germany), again in Holland, and the migration to America, 1663 ... Hackensack, N.J.?: unknown, 1964, 1322 pgs. Table of contents Dedication Early genealogical records Narrative Geography (New Jersey) Abbreviations Genealogy 1st through 10th generation Vol 2: Front matter Vol 2: Title page Vol 2: Table of contents Vol 2: Genealogy 11th through 13th generation Vol 2: Unidentified Vol 2: Not our line Vol 2: Historical data and the migrations Vol 2: War records Vol 2: Given names Vol 2: Index

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