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The Domestic Papers Of The Rose Family On CD

The Domestic Papers Of The Rose Family On CD

$ 6.99

Anonymous The Domestic papers of the Rose family Aberdeen Scotland: Milne & Hutchison, 1926, 202 pgs. Chapter I. William Rose--1740-1807 Chapter II. Mary Rose--1757-1838 Chapter III. James--1774-1814 Chapter IV. William--1775=1862 Chapter V. John--1776-d. after 1822 Chapter VI. Mary--1778-1828 Chapter VII. Alexander--1779-1813 Chapter VIII. Patrick--1780-1844 Chapter IX. George--1782-1807 Chapter X. Andrew--1783-1832 Chapter XI. Anna--1785-1827 Chapter XII. Hugh Hay--1787=1851 Chapter XIII. Elizabeth--1790-1860 Chapter XIV. Jane--1793-1830 Back matter Index

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