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The Early History Of Jackson County, Georgia CD

The Early History Of Jackson County, Georgia CD

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Wilson, G. J. N. The early history of Jackson County, Georgia : "the writings of the late G.J.N. Wilson, embracing some of the early history of Jackson County" : the first settlers, 1784 : formation and boundaries to the present time : records of the Talasee Colony : struggles of the colonies of Yamacutah, Groaning Rock, Fort Yargo, Stonethrow and Thomocoggan Jefferson, Ga.: W.E. White, 1914, 325 pgs. Contents Chapter I. Formation and boundaries... Chapter II. the country... Chapter III. Animals together with some incidents relating to them... Non-Indexed Pages #1 Chapter I. First settlers from Effingham County Chapter II. Jonson Josiah Strong makes a discovery Chapter III. The white ladies visit Adabor Chapter IV. The identity of Banna Mar De Vedo is found out Chapter V. The Cherokee spy Chpater VI. A number of New emigrants arrive Chapter VII. The visit to Yamacutah and return Chapter VIII. The Draper and Modin families at Snodon... Chapter IX. Visit to Nodoroc... Chapter X. Trouble at Snodon and the arrival of more emigrants Chapter XI. The cold winter and a visit by Governor Matthews... Yamacutah Chapter II. The dance at Dunson's and preaching at the school house Chapter III. Brantly carries his bride to Jefferson Chapter IV.l Gabe Nash spells "Tizic." Chapter 1. The "A" Family Chatper II. Sidney York is arrested Chapter III. York is found guilty... The Hut Owl in Borrowed Feathers Chapter I. The search for the rebel Chapter II. The girl in the hollow tree Chapter III. A cousin is discovered Chapter IV. The rebel girl is carried home Supplement

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