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The Edward Clarence Plummer History Of Bath, Maine On CD

The Edward Clarence Plummer History Of Bath, Maine On CD

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Owen, Henry Wilson, The Edward Clarence Plummer history of Bath, Maine Bath, Me.: Times Co., 1936, 641 pgs. Hon. Edward C. Plummer, A.M. Chapter I. Patents and proprietors Chapter II. Discovery of the river Chapter III. The Popham Colony Chapter IV. Sagadahock Chapter V. Clarke Lake Chapter VI. Early Indian wars Chapter VII. Georgetown and Augusta Chapter VIII. Further warfare with the Indians Chapter IX. Reconstruction Chapter X. Georgetown organized Chapter XI. The second parish incorporated Chapter XII. The French and Indian War Chapter XIII. The beginning of shipbuilding Chapter XIV. Manners and customs Chapter XV. Bath land titles Chapter XVI. The Revolution Chapter XVII. The incorporation of Bath Chapter XVIII. Growth and prosperity Chapter XIX. The War of 1812 Chapter XX. Bath in the 1820's Chapter XXI. The 1830's Chapter XXII. The busy forties Chapter XXIII. The city of Bath organized Chapter XXIV. The golden age of the ship Chapter XXV. The city embellished Chapter XXVI. Bath in The Civil War Chapter XXVII. War's aftermath Chapter XXVIII. Recovery Chapter XXIX. Bath in The Spanish War Chapter XXX. Bath grave and gay in the nineties Chapter XXXI. The dawn of a new century Chapter XXXII. The World War Chaptre XXXIII. Since the war Chapter XXXIV. Roads and streets Chapter XXV. Genesis of the schools Chapter XXXVI. Religious history Chapter XXXVII. The cemeteries Chapter XXXVIII. Parks Chapter XXXIX. The fire department Chapter XL. Bath shipbuilding Chapter XLI. Bath benefactions Chapter XLII. Bath banks Chapter XLIII. The drama Chapter XLIV. Military history Chapter XLV. Civil officers Reference index Index of subjects

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