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The History Of Alamance (North Carolina) On CD

The History Of Alamance (North Carolina) On CD

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Stockard, Sallie Walker. The history of Alamance ... Raleigh N.C.: Capital Print. Co., 1900, 170 pgs. Title page Non-Indexed Pages #1 Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III.The home of the Red people Chapter IV. The Saxaphaw Indians Chapter V. The first permanent settlement in Alamance Chapter VI. Early settlers of Alamance Chapter VII. An approaching cloud Chapter VIII. The regulation war Chapter IX. Herman husbands Chapter X. The battle of Alamance Chapter XI. Tryon's proclamation Chapter XII. Pyle's hacking match Chapter XIII. The battle of Lindley's Mill Chapter XIV. German reformation and Lutheran Churches Chapter XV. Haw Fields Presbytrtian church Chapter XVI. Schools of Alamance Chapter XVII. Cotton manufacturing in Alamance Chapter XVIII. Alamance County Chapter XIX. A hero of Alamance Part II. Family history

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