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The History Of Anderson County, Kansas : From Its First Settlement To The Fourth Of July, 1876 On CD

The History Of Anderson County, Kansas : From Its First Settlement To The Fourth Of July, 1876 On CD

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Johnson, William A. The history of Anderson County, Kansas : from its first settlement to the Fourth of July, 1876 Garnett, Kan.: Kauffman & Iler, Garnett Plaindealer, 1877, 287 pgs. Chapter I. History of the first settlement by the Pottowatomie Indians, in 1837... Chapter II. Organization of the territory... Chapter III. Appointment of County officers... Chapter IV. Noted settlers of 1855... Chapter V. Organization of Pottowatomie guards... Chapter VI. Arrival of C. E. Dewey and party from Ohio... Chapter VII. Mass meeting at Hyatt... Chapter VIII. Commissioners to attend voting precincts... Chapter IX. Convention at Ottumwa... Chapter X. Attempt to poison Banta... Chapter XI. First tax levy... Chapter XII. Severity of the winters of 1855-6 and 1856-7, and mildness of those of 1857-8 and 1858-9... Chapter XIII. Bright prospects in 1858-9... Chapter XIV. Successive state senators... Chapter XV. Accidents and misfortunes... Chapter XVI. Various bond propositions to aid railroad companies to build railroads... Chapter XVII. Garnett... Chapter XVIII. "The Garnett Plaindealer," the first paper in the county... Chapter XIX. Spanish fever among the cattle... Chapter XX. Religious zeal of the early settlers... Chapter XXI. Prominent men of Anderson County Chapter XXII. Murder of Allen G. Poteet... Chapter XXIII. Names of the soilders of Anderson County who served in the war for the suppression of the rebellion... Chapter XXIV. Trials of felonies, etc... Chapter XXV. Walker township... Chapter XXVI. Organization of Monroe Township... Chapter XXVII. Jackson Township... Chapter XXVIII. Reeder Township... Chapter XXIX. Washington Township... Chapter XXX. Putnam Township... Chapter XXXI. Linclon Township... Chapter XXXII. Ozark Township... Chapter XXXIII. Rich Township... Chapter XXXIV. Indian Creek Township...


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