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The History Of Fairfield : Fairfield County, Connecticut On CD

The History Of Fairfield : Fairfield County, Connecticut On CD

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Schenck, Elizabeth Hubbell, The history of Fairfield : Fairfield County, Connecticut New York: The author, 1889, 1008 pgs Vol. I. Chapter I: 1639-1650. Discovery and settlement Vol. I. Chapter II: 1650-1660. Wars and rumors of wars Vol. I. Chapter III: 1660-1670. Progress of Fairfield Vol. I. Chapter IV: 1670-1680. An interesting decade Vol. I. Chapter V: 1680-1690. The decade of the English revolution Vol. I. Chapter VI: 1690-1700. Churches, schools, government Vol. I. Back matter Vol. I. Genealogies Non-Indexed Pages #1 Vol. II. Title page Vol. II. Front matter Vol. II. Contents Vol. II. Chapter VII: 1700-1710. War with the French and Indians Vol. II. Chapter VIII: 1710-1720 Vol. II. Chapter IX: 1720-1730. Church and state Vol. II. Chapter X: 1730-1740. Growth and prosperity of Fairfield Vol. II. Chapter XI: 1740-1750. War between England, France and Spain Vol. II. Chapter XII: 1750-1760. French and English War in America Vol. II. Chapter XIII: 1760-1770. Seven years' War and revolution Vol. II. Chapter XIV: 1770-1780. The War of the American revolution. Part first Vol. II. Chapter XV: 1780-1790. End of revolution. Freedom of United States Vol. II. Back matter Vol. II. Genealogical Vol. II. The first extant Parish record of Christ's Church, Fairfield. Record of those that renewed the covenant Vol. II. Index.

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