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The History Of Franklin County, Ky On CD

The History Of Franklin County, Ky On CD

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Johnson, L. F. The history of Franklin County, Ky. Frankfort, Ky.: Roberts Co. Print., 1912, 307 pgs. Title Page Front Matter Contents Chapter I. Formation of Franklin County, location, organization of county government, history of the county for seven years as shown by the early records of the county Chapter II. Indian incursions and other incidents prior to 1800; statements from the Palladium; the pioneer Chapter III. Geological formation, minerals, soil, cereals, etc., horticulture, fruits, timber, lead, mineral waters, gas, clay, drainage, etc., fertile valleys, Blue Grass Chapter IV. Early settlements on the south side of the Kentucky River, Leestown, Frankfort and other points of interest prior to 1800 Chapter V. Course of events from 1800 to 1810 Chapter VI. 1810 to 1820; course of events. Chapter VII. From 1820 to 1830 Chapter VIII. Course of events from 1830 to 1840 Chapter Nine. Course of events from 1840 to 1850 Chapter X. Course of events from 1850 to 1860 Chapter XI. From 1860 to 1870 Chapter XII. From 1870 to 1880 Chapter XIII. From 1880 to 1890 Chapter XIV. From 1890 to 1900 Chapter XV. Course of Events From 1900 to 1910 Chapter XVI. The organization and growth of the churches in Franklin County Chapter XVII. Present time, November 1912 Index

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