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The History Of Hamilton County And Chattanooga, Tennessee On CD

The History Of Hamilton County And Chattanooga, Tennessee On CD

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Title: The history of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tennessee Authors: Armstrong, Zella. City of Publication: Chattanooga, Tenn. Publisher: Lookout Pub. Co. Date: c1931-c1940 Page Count: 1017 Notes: Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Email for surname lookup. Chap I. The Genesis of Hamilton County Chap II. De Soto Chap III. Archaeology Chap IV. The Cherokee and Chickamauga Indians Chap V. Chief John Ross Chap VI. Brainerd Mission Chap VII. The beginning of settlement Chap VIII. Hamilton County (1819-1840) Chap IX. Hamilton County (1840-1861) Chap X. Chattanooga-from Ross's Landing to the War Between the States Chap XI. Military history (1779-1861) Chap XII. Soldiers of early wars Chap XIII. Sketches of soldiers of the Revolution and War of 1812 Chap XIV. Early marriage records Chap XV. Courts and courthouses Chap XVI. Churches Chap XVII. Cemeteries Chap XVIII. Sequatchie Valley Chap XIX. Origin of names Chap XX. The commissioners of Ross's Landing and Chattanooga and some of the fifty-three first citizens Chap XXI. The mayors of Chattanooga Chap XXII. Some pioneers Chap XXIII. Citizens of to-day Chap XXIV. Many have passed Chap I. Chattanooga Chap II. 1861, 1862, 1863 to Sept eighth Chap III. September 8 to Nov 25, 1863 Chap IV. War sites and scenes Chap V. Re-adjustment Chap VI. Post war expansions and aftermath Chap VII. The tragic year 1878 Chap VIII. To the end of the century Chap IX. After 1900 Chap X. Walden's Ridge and Signal Mountain Chap XI. Lookout Mountain Chap XII. The banks Chap XIII. Newspapers Chap XIV. The Chattanooga Public Library Chap XV. Education Chap XVI. Highways and byways Chap XVII. Communication--Industry--Transportation Chap XVIII. The Tennessee River and the Tennessee Valley Authority Chap XIX. Other valley data Chap XX. The mayors of Chattanooga after the War Between the States Chap XXI. Citizens of today Chap XXII. Many have passed Chronology. 1861-1939 Index

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