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The History Of Malden, Massachusetts, 1633-1785 On CD

The History Of Malden, Massachusetts, 1633-1785 On CD

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Corey, Deloraine Pendre, The history of Malden, Massachusetts, 1633-1785 Malden: The author, 1898, 890 pgs. Contents Chapter I. Old Maldon Chapter II. Discoverers and Indians Chapter III. Allotments and settlement Chapter IV. Church and town Chapter V. Marmaduke Matthews Chapter VI. Joseph Hills, and John Wayte Chapter VII. A teacher and a new meeting house Chapter VIII. Michael Wigglesworth Chapter IX. Cheever and Wigglesworth Chapter X. Pioneers, soldiers, and witchcraft Chapter XI. Town officers and common lands Chapter XXII. Poverty and slavery Chapter XIII. Highways and bridges Chapter XIV. David Parsons and Joseph Emerson Chapter XV. Charlestown neighbors and trouble Chapter XVI. The South Precinct Chapter XVII. The South Precinct decadent Chapter XVIII. The town school Chapter XIX. Before the Revolution Chapter XX. Military affairs and the French neutrals, 1690-1775 Chapter XXI. The opening of the Revolution Chapter XXII. Malden in the Revolution Chapter XXIII. Malden in the Navy of the Revolution Chapter XXIV. Soldiers and sailors Appendix. I. Rose Hills not Rose Dunster Appendix. II. The plan of Malden Index

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