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The History Of Warwick, Rhode Island On CD

The History Of Warwick, Rhode Island On CD

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Fuller, Oliver P. History of Warwick, Rhode Island : from its settlement in 1642 to the present time : including accounts of the early settlement and development of its several villages, sketches of the origin and progress of the different churches of the town, &c., &c. Providence: Angell, Burlingame & Co., printers, 1875, 393 pgs. Chapter I. Condition of the country previous to 1642. Its aboriginal inhabitants Chapter II. From the first settlement, in 1642, to the granting of the town charter, March 14, 1648 Chapter III. From the granting of the town charter in 1648, to the adoption of the royal charter by the R. I. Colony in November, 1663 Chapter IV. From 1663 to the close of Philip's War Chapter V. From the close of the Indian War to the Declaration of American independence, July 4, 1776 Chapter VI. From the breaking out the Revolutionary War to the year 1800 Chapter VII. From the year 1800 to the present time Accounts of the origin and development of the several villages in the town of Warwick Non-Indexed Pages #1 Appendix Index

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