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The Saga Of Old Tuolumne On CD

The Saga Of Old Tuolumne On CD

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Buckbee, Edna Bryan. The saga of old Tuolumne New York: Press of the Pioneers, 1935, 564 pgs. Table of contents Chapter I. The Stanislaus, an historic river Chapter II. Old Tuolumne Chapter III. Creating the mother lode Chapter IV. A wooden press of Argonaut days Chapter V. First Miners' Convention Chapter VI. James W. Coffroth arrives Chapter VII. The rise and fall of Columbia Chapter VIII. Oxen, mules, ponies, freighters and stages Chapter IX. Sonora, metropolis of the southern mines Chapter X. Blades of strife Chapter XI. The enterprising ditch diggers Chapter XII. The diggings north of Sonora Back matter Chapter XIII. Jackass Hill, Parnassus of California Chapter XIV. The "Tigre" Chapter XV. Thespians of the fifties Chapter XVI. The lonely road to Mono Chapter XVII. The Primeval Upper Hills Chapter XVIII. Sonora's Solemn Hills Chapter XIX. Old towns and camps of 1848-'49-'50 Bibliography Pioneers of Tuolumne County Physicians and surgeons Tuolumne County prior to 1854 Towns and camps of Tuolumne region

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