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They Found It In Natchez (Adams Co. MS) On CD

They Found It In Natchez (Adams Co. MS) On CD

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They found it in Natchez New Orleans: Pelican Pub. Co., 1939, 299 pgs. Marshall, Theodora Britton Section Title Front matter Title page Contents Chapter I. Happy hunting ground. Pagen suns Chapter II. "Oh Nature! Nature!" French philosophers, kings, chevaliers, financiers Chapter III. A new Virginia. English cavaliers Chapter IV. Castles in New Spain. Spanish Grandees Chapter V. Utopian pattern. Cotton kings Chapter VI. The promised land. Favored slaves Chapter VII. Babylon's sister. Gamblers, outlaws, pirates, octoroons Chapter VIII. El Dorado. Princed of finance Chapter IX. Joyous Gard. Knights and ladies fair Chapter X. The great crusade. Heroines and diplomats Chapter XI. More stately mansions. Temples in Utopia Chapter XII. Beautiful dreamer. Land of desire Index

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