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Three Centuries Of Freeport, Maine On CD

Three Centuries Of Freeport, Maine On CD

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Thurston, Florence G. Three centuries of Freeport, Maine Freeport, Me.: unknown, 1940, 277 pgs. Illustrations I. Early discoveries and explorers II. Indians III. Early government and orgin of titles IV. First settlers V. The second settlement VI. The finial resettlement VII. Means massacre VIII. Settlers before the Revolution IX. Freeport in the Revolution X. Incorporation of Freeport XI. Death and taxes XII. Freeport 1789-1812 XIII. The dash XIV. Maine Ballads XV. Freeport in 1816 XVI. Freeport and Maine independence XVII. Militia of the New State XVIII. The Schooner Zelf and Bark Glen XIX. The Civil War XX. Capt. Josiah A. Mitchell XXI. Shipbuilding in Freeport XXII. How a wooden ship was built XXIII. Tales of the sea XXIV. Freeport square XXV. B. H. Bartol library XXVI. Schools XXVII. Old neighborhoods XXVIII. Early transportation XXIX. Edmund B. Mallet XXX. Some short biographies XXXI. Organizations XXXII. Religion XXXIII. Civic and military data Index

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