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Uriah Sutherland Family On CD

Uriah Sutherland Family On CD

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Sutherland, Logan. Uriah Sutherland family Windsor, Mo.?: unknown, 1971, 253 pgs. Family chart. First generation, Second generation Family chart-continued. Third generation, fourth generation, fifth generation Family chart-continued. Sixth generation, seventh generation, eighth generation Family chart-continued. Ninth generation Biography-first generation-continued Biography-second generation Biography-third generation Biography-fourth generation Biography-fifth generation Biography-sixth generation Biography-seventh generation Biography-eighth generation Latest additional data Memorandum Maps of historical value relating to Uriah and Daniel Sutherland Frederick County, Virginia historical notes - 1760-1790 Lincoln County & Casey County, Kentucky historical notes 1787-1815 Logan County, Kentucky historical notes 1819-1871 Information concerning the vicinity of St. Clair County, Osage River and Sac River area 1840-1863 Copy of letters written by Uriah Logan Sutherland and wife Margaret Jane Sutherland to Samuel H. Sutherland their son who was attending the Missouri University in 1858. Samuel H. Sutherland letters to his parents and brother Daniel Logan Sutherland.The letters cover the period 1858 to 1879 Information concerning the area of Johnson County, Jefferson Township and Windsor, Missouri Kay County, Okla. - Newkirk, Okla. Historical notes - 1903-1970 Index

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