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Woodville, Oklahoma Cemetery Headstone Photos on CD

Woodville, Oklahoma Cemetery Headstone Photos on CD

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The Woodville Cemetery was originally in Old Woodville and was moved in the late 30’s or early 40’s to make room for Lake Texoma. Bob (Bobby Joe) Coley who was born in Old Woodville in 1934 recalls the day that the cemetery was moved. He says that he was standing by the old well in the center of town and a horse drawn cart was coming down the street full of Indian coffins. The cart hit the well where he was standing and all of the coffins fell out of the cart and there were bodies everywhere. It all came within inches of hitting him. There are probably several hundred unmarked stones in this cemetery, most which are probably unknown Indians along with other residents of Old Woodville. When we first visited this cemetery in 1986, most of the stones were very visible. Now, cedar trees and bushes have caused some of the stones to be found deep within the overgrowth and many stones are toppled and broken. Located off of CR 70A and Gary St.

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